• A Country Inspired Oasis

    When you think country décor, it doesn’t automatically mean seeing grandma’s old-fashioned quilts sprawled all over the furniture everywhere you look, stuffed animal heads, and walls lined with belt buckles and cowboy hats. At its very core, country style decor includes muted colors, vintage fabrics, and handmade accessories. By adding just the right touch of simple accents, you can change your city style apartment into a cozy, warm, country living retreat.

    Here are some great ways to add some stylish country elements into your urban living space for a more relaxing atmosphere.

    1. Add simple, uncomplicated furnishings.

    A country inspired oasis is very straightforward and simple in nature. It’s dominated with straight, unfussy lines with little ornamentation in terms of the furniture. Where are the best places to find authentic country furnishings without draining your wallet? Go to flea markets or your grandmother’s attic to find one-of-a-kind treasures in order to makeover your city style home. By adding a simple wicker chair with a soft-colored upholstered back, it will instantly transform the feel of the room.

    2. Put some country on a shelf.

    Nothing says ‘country’ like displaying a set of eye-catching white ceramic dishes on some neutral or lightly stained shelves. This is a super easy approach that offers a huge impact when it comes to implementing country style decor. For a clean, welcoming vibe, showcase some visually-appealing ceramic plates on soft cream shelves to bring a sense of nostalgia from long ago.

    3. Choose soft, muted colors throughout the space.

    Muted colors in soft tones are often used in country decor to convey a more rural feel all over. Incorporate soft warm colors on the walls, pillows, furniture, fabrics, and other accessories. Feature bold color palettes of black, red, or white accents for a more contemporary version of the country look.

    4. Use accessories that are reminiscent of the countryside.

    Just like the simplicity of decorating in genuine country style, handmade accessories are also a key detail to work with in the space. This may include using a number of special items like hand-forged metals, pottery, or handmade baskets. Also, the window treatments should ideally be simple, using lighter fabrics to filter in the rays of the sun.

    In a chair in your bedroom or on your bed, add a cheery quilt. Also, add earthy elements from nature like a pretty potted plant or budding branch to bring the outdoors inside in order to create a more relaxing ambiance.

    5. Add striped linens on a farmhouse wood table.

    Want to really ‘go country’? Bring in an authentic wooden farmhouse table and throw some striped or checkered table linens over it. If your apartment has an eat-in kitchen, you’ll immediately change the entire look of your kitchen once you change the table alone. Place a striped table runner down the length of the table and set a ceramic vase or pitcher in the middle with a fresh bouquet of wildflowers from your nearest florist for a fresh country look.

    Even though you live in the city, incorporating warm country style decor can make your entire place feel like a breath of fresh air. Country style is warm, inviting, and oh so charming.

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  1. Katie R. says:

    LOVED this post! My hubby and I have very different, conflicting styles and this is exactly what I needed to help us pull off our Chi-Town apartment!

    Much LOVE, XOXO

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